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“The Diet Solution Program – Who Else Is Lying to Us?”

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If you’re looking for a Diet Solution Program review – let me just tell you right now that I’m going to cut through all of the BS you’ve read so far…

In fact, if you tried to find an unbiased review of The Diet Solution Program… Good luck trying to find one, there’s no others out there… It’s like finding a needle in a haystack…

What you will find instead are these Fake Review Sites Everywhere, Its Insane! It makes me so angry because I had to weed through all of this junk too.

Just today I saw a review site using the title Don’t Buy The Diet Solution !

When you visit the site the affiliate just tries to talk you into buying the program!  There was absolutely No information regarding WHY NOT to buy the program? 

How Maddening! I DON’T have time to waste and I’m sure you don’t as well.

Please Don’t Fall For Those Scam and Warning Review Sites Either! The DSP is NOT a scam and once you visit those sites you soon realize they don’t even mention any scam information at all. They Have NO Scam Reports. So please don’t waste your valuable time.

But… There are Serious Issues that do need immediate clarification.

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Since launching in 2007 “The Diet Solution Program” has experienced rapid growth with ever-increasing interest. But.. The business side of the program is a little rough and the issues facing Isabel’s program are now being addressed in this review. reports eight complaints that were filed. These complaint issues and other important points makes it obvious to me that a review of the Diet Solution Program is necessary and this review will provide my visitors with any issues I feel needs clarification.

The most common complaint and the ONLY one that made real sense to me was for NON-DELIVERY of the program.

Is the Diet Solution truly not delivering orders or could it be something else?

After reviewing these complaints there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding of what the presentation actually says. The $47.00 is for “Instant Download” – eBooks, not physical books.

This is what these customers appear to be waiting for and never receive. looking at this picture presentation… (which by the way looks very impressive)… it can become very confusing to many customers.

The picture depicts physical books but what you need to know is that you are actually getting downloadable but very high quality PDFs.

The Diet Solution program team ought to really make it much more CLEAR to customers that they are receiving e-books.

If you do not mind the infomercial style advertising along with the eBook PDFs The Diet Solution Program uses, then you may end up very happy with the program as many people seem to be.

There are an enormous amount of diet programs available for dieters to try these days. Finding the system that fits your particular needs seems to be the issue and The Diet Solution Program may very well be the ticket you have been looking for.


My Own Diet Solution Program Results – How I Dropped 13 Pounds In The First Month!

Last year I was desperately trying to find a way to lose weight AGAIN…

Oh, I have tried program after program…

But… I still kept failing over and over.

I was so sick of feeling run down, tired and depressed throughout the day, while pretending to be happy to the outside world… only to spend the evenings at home (always eating… out of boredom, while watching a movie…) because I was embarrassed to go out and be social…

It was a really vicious cycle… And whenever I tried different diet programs, I just ended up failing and caving in after a few weeks like everybody else, over and over again…

Even doing everyday stuff like grocery shopping or going to the mall started making me feel really self-conscious… It felt as if everyone was staring at me as soon as I walked into view…

In addition, it was getting close to Summer time. It was always worse for me when the weather started heating up and I knew I couldn’t hide my ugly muffin top beneath sweatshirts and jackets anymore – I’d get that annual “motivation” to finally try to lose the belly flab, get into great shape for the beach season, and hopefully stay that way!

That sad cycle had been going on for 6 years now. I had tried all sorts of low carb diets, high protein diets (like Atkins), the lemonade diet, all kinds of fat loss pills, counting every calorie I put in my mouth – and the best I ever came to losing weight was dropping a few pounds after living on carrots and celery for 6 days, which I put back on the next week PLUS an extra 2 pounds when my sugar cravings finally got the best of me and I pigged out.

It got to the point where I was so ashamed of my weight gain that I refused to go to the beach… even with my best friends…

I was living in a FAT NIGHTMARE and I couldn’t handle it anymore…

I was now just so determined to do it RIGHT this year, So I went to the most popular fat loss forums and started trying to find help, which is where I decided to check out The Diet Solution Program.

The advertising for it seemed as hypey as all other fad diets at first, but what I also saw were people all over the forums saying that they were successfully losing fat with it…

All the positive forum reviews made me look past the flashy hype, and at least try the Diet Solution program…

So What The Heck Is The Diet Solution Program?

The Diet Solution promises to teach you which foods are ideal for fat-burning and should be eaten, and the ones which trap fat in your body and should be avoided – basing all these teachings around YOUR SPECIFIC body type…

The most exciting fact I learned was that eating low carb diets, low fat diets and counting calories is pretty much useless if you can’t do it permanently (so the results can never be permanent EITHER)…

This might sound a little weird to you… I know I found some of this information shocking after getting very opposite information pounded into my head for years by every fad diet and guide… But here’s the ESSENCE of the Diet Solution Program:

You’re shown how to find your exact metabolic type (in a 10-page survey booklet that took about 15 minutes to fill out…) and then taught to build a diet specifically tailored to YOUR metabolic type – instead of the “one-size-fits-all” diets that come with every fad diet…

When you know your type, you get lists and lists of foods and meals you can eat without having to worry about restricting calories or carbs… you’re even ENCOURAGED to eat lots of those foods because it’s finally the right food to burn fat off your body and keep it that way>> Find the foods for YOUR exact metabolic type right here!

So what are my Diet Solution Program results?

As I mentioned earlier I was now very determined to do it RIGHT this year after failing with some of the best weight loss programs last year, so when I started following the Diet Solution program – I also decided to create this Review blog to keep track of ALL of my progress, and to keep myself motivated! Curiously enough – when I actually saw my scale drop 4 pounds in the first week without extreme workouts, calorie counting, or even the need or desire for a cheat day, it was all the motivation I needed to get serious!

Before I knew it, I was a full month into the Diet Solution program, and had lost an entire 13 pounds without a day of starving myself or even going to bed hungry once! It was visible too – my arms looked skinnier, and I actually fit into the “target jeans” I had in my closet for the first time in 2 years!

My friends and coworkers started noticing the changes and became curious as to what the heck I was doing to see such results so quickly. Instead of just “saying” I was on a new weight loss program to every person who stopped me to ask – I again realized it would be a great idea to post up this review of my personal experience with the Diet Solution program for anyone who might be interested!

“But Before I Continue – I DO Have To Warn You!”

Again you must remember… The Diet Solution Program will be the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what you read in popular diet magazines and what the diet industry says… and it’s because of one simple fact…

The big diet companies make tremendous amounts of money off of people like you and me who get lured into trying that fad diet of the year every year… But helping people actually lose weight would mean that they lose all their customers…

And that’s the REAL reason why every time one of these fad diets come out… They’re specifically designed to set you up for failure before you even start so that you try the “new one” next year…

You can see by now how this affects you DIRECTLY just by looking back how many years you’ve been struggling to get in shape and realizing the common pattern…

The Diet Solution Program made me realize that all of these diets will give temporary results at best… because they’re designed to make diet companies richer every time one of us fails… >> Here’s Isabel’s Full Video About Fat-Trapping Foods You’d NEVER Believe Were Bad For You!

What’s Inside The Diet Solution Program?

When I bought the Diet Solution program, it came with:

The main Diet Solution Program manual (95 page pdf)
The Diet Solution Success Journal (126 page pdf)
60 Done for You and Delicious Meal Plans (69 page pdf)
The Diet Solution Shopping List (12 page pdf)
The Diet Solution Metabolism Type Test (10 page pdf)
The Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat (12 page pdf)

The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide (33 page pdf)
The Diet Solution Recipe Guide (69 page pdf)

I actually bought the Platinum version, mainly for the one-on-one consultation with Isabel De Los Rios, but the entire Platinum package included:

One on One personalized email consultation with the author
The Hidden Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs (42 page pdf)
“Your Personal, Step By Step Guide To Meal Planning” (35+ minutes)
“Advanced Meal Planning Made Simple” Audio (almost 40 minutes)
“Your Top 5 Most Burning Nutrition Questions Answered” Audio (30+ minutes)

“What About Exercise?”

The Diet Solution ProgramExercise is one of the most important factors in weight control, overall health, along with fat burning but surprisingly… It’s NOT not covered in the Diet Solution Program. It could take you a bit longer to lose weight as the program does not contain exercise.

Although you are given some optional guides you can buy for an extra cost that focus specifically on exercise and bodybuilding.

Luckily I came across the consumer resource site “” that offers The New Diet Solution Exercise Video Package Companion for FREE.


I really suggest if you decide to purchase the Diet Solution… You purchase through their link to get Free access to this Diet Solution Exercise Video Companion!

You Will Be Verey Happy You Did! :-)

What Foods You Can Expect To Eat With The Diet Solution Program?

- Organic Foods
- Lots of Fruits and Vegetables
- Healthy Breads
- Healthy Grains
- All Types of Meats – (red meats, pork, beef, buffalo, venison, veal etc.)
- Poultry – (chicken, hen, turkey, duck, goose, pheasant, and quail)
- Fish and Sea Foods
- Nuts and Seeds
- Healthy Fats – (coconut oil, Fish oil, olive oil, flax oil, fresh coconut, Real Butter, whole eggs, raw nuts)

So what kind of results can YOU expect?

I WON’T SUGARCOAT THIS… If you try the Diet Solution Program, you need to expect REALISTIC results… Over 6 weeks, you can expect to lose up to 25 pounds… and while that’s not a number to roll your eyes at (PLUS its weight that will finally stay off), it’s nowhere close to those usual crazy fad diet claims of losing over “30 pounds in less than 30 days”…

Because you get to eat as much as you want during this diet – it’s probably the reason why it’s actually doable… and perhaps the reason why people find it so attractive… After all – losing two to four pounds a week is HEALTHY weight loss by every standard, and if you don’t feel like you’re on a restricted diet while doing it… that’s how those permanent lifestyle changes you hear so much about take shape!

Even if you thought you were doing everything “right” before, but weren’t seeing any results flat tummy your worries (and a few pounds) will be eliminated within the first week of using the Diet Solution program!

If you’re like me – you probably won’t really believe the results until you see them for yourself. All the media hype and fat loss scams make it difficult to figure out how to really lose weight, and Isabel understands that better than anyone! (being ex-overweight herself, with an ex-overweight mother)

To make sure the Diet Solution is right for YOU – Isabel offers a 60-day full money back guarantee when you buy it, so that you can test the program on yourself for 2 whole month s with no risk! If you haven’t lost 15-30 pounds after 2 months of following the Diet Solution program – get your money back with no hassles or questions!

Click Here To Get The Diet Solution Plan 100% Risk-Free!

Again I’m Not Here To BS You…

When you try the Diet Solution Program – you have to PAY ATTENTION to the specifics of what’s taught, and make a promise to yourself that you’ll try hard this one time (promise YOURSELF it’s the very last time)… If you can’t commit yourself to a diet where you CAN eat without restriction – NOTHING and NO ONE can help you (not even if you had your very own 24/7 private personal trainer following you around…

Just before you decide… if you’re not sure whether you want to commit, you can take the trial and pay $1 to get the entire course… You have 3 ENTIRE WEEKS (that’s 21 days) to back out and cancel before the rest of the full price of the Diet Solution program is billed…

>> Get Full Access To The Diet Solution Plan For Just $1 Right Now!

trial offerThe point of this trial is to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for you to get off your butt today and ACTUALLY see a slightly different looking you in just 7 days. And an even more different you in 7 more days… and so on.

It’s hard to begin describing how much better you FEEL after just one week – when your body’s detoxified itself of all the “bad foods” you’ve been eating. You have energy throughout the day, you’re never sluggish or tired anymore – they should’ve called it the Energizer Bunny diet!

When you pay the full amount after the 3 weeks, you’re still covered by the 60-day money back guarantee from then on, so you have plenty of time to make the Diet Solution work for you!

Here Are The 5 Things I Love Most About The Diet Solution Program

#1 – No More Dieting, Ever Again

As soon as I replaced the wrong foods with choices ideal to my body type and created a full FAT BURNING EFFECT – I didn’t need to diet anymore! I feel full throughout the day, can still enjoy unhealthy snacks on occasion without worrying about gaining fat, and the hunger pangs/sugar cravings are 100% gone! I haven’t felt this great since I was back in high school!

#2 – No Gimmicks

Forget about those “ab rollers”, “ab toners”, sweat belts and other fat loss gimmicks! I’ve spent thousands on them – only to learn that they take up an awful lot of closet space. The only way to lose REAL FAT is to start investing money into GOOD foods that are correct for your metabolic type. You begin to see the results in week 1 when you start eating foods that accelerate the fat burn within your body – no joke!

 #3 – Fat Gone? Stays Gone

As soon as I stopped screwing up my metabolism by starving myself and began to eat the right foods – all the cravings stopped. When the cravings stopped, I stopped pigging out every week. And when I stopped my weekly pig outs, I instantly saw an extra pound of fat lost per week just off that! All the fat I have lost in the past 4 months has stayed off since, all by finding foods ideal for my metabolic type. Find the foods for YOUR metabolic type here!

#4 – A Variety Of Food To Choose From!

The only thing I always hated more than the idea of dieting were the bland, boring food choices I was stuck with in each diet. Seriously – who’s going to be able to eat rice, broccoli and carrots for their 3 daily meals every day? I was so relieved when I saw the HUGE shopping list with foods like real butter, free-range eggs, avocados, chicken, steak, real juices and more. With so many choices and the 20 different pre-planned meal days included for my metabolic type – I still haven’t gotten bored with a single day’s meals in the past 4 months I’ve been using the Diet Solution program!

#5 – Real, Visible Results In My First Week!

Probably the BEST thing about the Diet Solution program are the typical fat loss results of 3 to 7 pounds in your first week! Isabel PROMISES that changing your diet to fit your metabolic type will have THAT SERIOUS of an impact right away. My results sure confirmed it – I saw a 4 pound drop on my scale after my first week, which was motivation I REALLY needed to see that it really works and keep going since I’m one of those people who tends to give up if I don’t see results quickly.

Isabel Explains How The 6 Easy Steps To Destroy 10% Of Your Total Bodyfat In The NEXT 30 Days In THIS VIDEO!

My Final Thoughts…

The Diet Solution Program isn’t for everyone.

weight lossA couch potato who eats fast food 5 times a week is NOT going to get the body of their dreams with this…

BUT for anyone who’s willing to put in some real effort and follow the SIMPLE instructions outlined, you will see great results with the Diet Solution program!

Being a Diet Solution user myself… I personally finally figured out that losing weight and keeping it off is not that difficult, especially when you’re EATING throughout the day to burn the fat (it doesn’t feel like a diet – just a lifestyle adjustment, with JUST AS MUCH food as before…)

This isn’t a quick fix solution – and even the author’s claim of “up to10 pounds lost in the first week” seems a little aggressive for me… it’s probably more hype marketing… BUT THE TRUTH IS that you will lose 3 to 7 pounds the first week and steadily reach and maintain your healthy weight… (If it’s your first time – you’re going to feel amazing when you finally achieve it…)

My FINAL Results Are…

“I’ve lost over 45 pounds in the past 5 months… once I started, it wasn’t hard to keep up, all I noticed were the dropping sizes everywhere… I actually had to go shopping for NEW clothes every few weeks. Luckily, that was easy because I finally didn’t feel self-conscious shopping for clothes anymore either…”

And you can achieve the SAME results… As long as you’re willing to follow through with the Diet Solution Program, you are going to see 3 – 7 REAL pounds drop off your scale after your very first week!… And you get to do all of this without starving yourself…

Try it out… I know you’ll like it.


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“Thank You For Visiting My Review Site Today.”



You can also contact me if you have any questions about The Diet Solution Program. Just send me an email at

I know what it’s like to fall for diet scams that “just seemed real this time” again and again and I know what it’s like to be overweight… I was in your shoes not too long ago. So if you need to understand anything about the Diet Solution Program, don’t hesitate to email me first. I promise to get back to you!

All results will vary and you might not get the same result as any other person. The truth is… that is with Every weight loss program out there.

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Consult your Dr. If you start The Diet Solution Program or any other weight loss, diet or exercise system.

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